Family Garden Bounce House

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Family Garden Bounce House

Bring Family Bounce House into your Garden!!!
Find some level ground on which to locate the inflatable. Make sure there is enough space for it, plus some extra space around the side to allow for movement.Get ready for your child to jump for joy when they find out they are getting their own personal bounce house because it's something they will absolutely love. As well they should, inflatable bounce houses are fantastic pieces of entertainment that the whole family can enjoy. They are a fantastic addition when you have any family parties for your kids or their friends in addition to the regular lawn games and food. It's like having your own carnival games at home! 

However, before you go and purchase a kids bounce house you should consider a few factors such as the size, features, and theme.

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Bounce House Size

Of course, when it comes to inflatable bounce houses you definitely want to think about what size you will need. This is dependent on a couple factors. The first factor is the age of your child, if you have a small child you can get a small bounce house that is no too complex for them to enjoy. On top of age, you should also think about how many people you want to jump in the house at one time. If you expect to have a lot of family parties, you should think about the weight limit of your inflatable bounce house. This is important because if you have a few children jumping in a 100-300 lb. house then the house will be able to support that weight. When too many kids are jumping in a small bounce house for toddlers then you should definitely think about getting a larger 300+ lb. house to make sure that everyone can enjoy the house at the same time without causing any trouble.

You should also think about the size of your inflatable bouncer because they can be fairly large. This means you want to keep in mind the size of your backyard in relation to your inflatable jumper. Ideally you want an inflatable bouncer that’s big enough to fit a few people on, but still leaves enough room in your backyard so that everyone can run around and play lawn games at the same time if they want.

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Bounce House Features

Once you know what size house you want for your child you can get to the fun part: features! The most popular type of feature add on are bounce houses with sides. A slide is a natural addition to a bounce house because it adds so many dimensions to the house. For instance, your kids can slide down the slide, climb up it like they are going up a mountain, or chase each other around the house playing a game of tag. The ability to have fun with a bounce house with a slide are almost limitless so it's definitely a feature your child will enjoy. Another feature you get is a ball pit. These are fun because you can run and jump in the ball pit or play with the balls that are already in the pit for some added fun. If the ball pit or bounce house with a slide aren't enough you can even find houses with pools. Added together with a slide you can have your own private water park for your child during the warm summer months that will surely keep them busy. So depending on the features you choose the fun you can have with inflatable bouncers can be endless!

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Bounce House Theme

After you've thought about the size and features of your kids bounce house you can start looking at the theme. The theme adds an extra layer of entertainment that everyone can take part in. For example, an inflatable bounce house that is themed like a castle will make your kids feel like they are knights protecting their king. If you want an even more creative kids bounce house you can even find animal or automobile themed houses that your kids are sure to enjoy. These themes add another dimension to the fun your kids will have with the inflatable jumper, so make sure you choose one that they’ll love.

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