High Quality Inflatable Games

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Inflatable Sports Games

Inflatable Sports Games for All Ages

Knock your event rentals out of the park with these fun and engaging inflatable sports games that will keep your customers and their guests busy for hours on end.

Take on a friend for twelve rounds in our inflatable boxing ring, or play some hoop shot basketball. Try your hands … or your feet … at soccer or golf. There’s football, baseball, darts, and all sorts of other fun commercial inflatable games to experience, each with gender neutral designs. They’re not just for kids party rentals, either. Ours are fun outdoor games for adults, too!

Some of our favorites here at the Tent and Table offices include our inflatable take on the classic Twister board game, our extreme wrecking ball game, and our inflatable jousting arena. And if a joust arena isn’t something your customers are interested in, there’s always the tried-and-true velcro wall!

You could offer your party game rentals clientele a fully functional inflatable park that can be set up easily and will provide countless hours of fun for event attendees and party guests.