Dry Slides Factory Wholesales

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Inflatable Dry Slides

The Best selection of inflatable dry slides in Wojin Inflatables.

Inflatable Dry Slides Factory Wholesales in Wojin Inflatables. We are manyufacturer in China, specialize in producing inflatable dry slides for birthday parties corporate events, backyard parties, church events, school events. All of the dry slides we sell are designed for kids and adults up to 200 pounds. The dry slides are designed to have fun, but also be very safe. About To Bounce inflatable‘s comes highly recommended from over 50,000 past customers. We also have 9 year Alibaba account and reviews. If you want to add fun to your party and a dry slide is the best way to do it. We carry 20 different dry slides in stock and have multiples of most. We also have single lane inflatable dry slides or dual lanes inflatable dry slides, ground water park design. Our waterslides are in lengths from 27 feet long and up to 70 feet long. All kids love water slides and adults love larger water slides.